About Claire

I grew up in Ayr, South West Scotland and studied at Glasgow School of Art.

For many years the natural world, birds and wildlife and have inspired my work. A residency at Edinburgh Zoo began a twenty year path of visiting wild and fragile environments, observing nature where it belongs- Antarctica, Greenland, Svalbard, St Kilda, Australian Outback, The Galápagos Islands, Kenya, India.

Whether further afield or returning to favourite spots closer to home, no two experiences are the same.

The paintings are reminders of what and with whom we share this world.  The essence of the natural world distilled and brought to life in another form.





Working in watercolour offers a directness and energy that suits the subject matter. The balance of pigment, water, paper, brush is key. Sometimes a calligraphic brushstroke is enough to convey the dynamics of flight. Others, it’s the joy of unlimited paint pouring, uncontrolled and unpredictable, taking days to dry. The excitement of seeing the results, which pigments have pooled or separated and the puzzle of how to develop and complete a painting continues to feed my passion for the medium.